Fun Is For Everyone

Do you use a wheelchair or walker---and miss the great outdoors? Have you been unable to accompany friends on a off-road adventure? Whether your passion is hunting, fishing, birding or just exploring, The Buddy Buggy UTV is exactly what you’re looking for.

What is the Buddy Buggy UTV?

Buddy Buggy is a line of UTVs with built-in wheelchair-lift: anyone using a wheelchair, walker or other mobility aid can enter the UTV easily and dock themselves into the driver’s seat.

Buddy Buggy manufactures two UTVs with built in wheelchair-lift.

Two all-electric models are available. The Buddy Buggy UTV fits up to three people, while the Buzz Buggy UTV is for a single driver. Every vehicle is made in the U.S.A. Each UTV is customized to each individual’s needs, and final modifications can be made upon delivery. Both vehicles are joystick-controlled and can accommodate any non-wheelchair user with a steering wheel and semi-permanent seat over the docking station.


A number of accessories are available, including additional lights. Long and short mounting bars can be installed to mount scopes or cameras. A waterproof camo covering can be used as a rolling blind for hunting or bird-watching.

Perfect for outdoor activities

Need to haul? Equip your UTV with a 39 or 45-inch front cargo basket and carry almost anything. Or add a 2000 lbs winch, steel front bumper and/or steel brush guard to make your Buddy Buggy ready for anything.

Beginning Your Adventure

To begin an adventure, unplug the electric vehicle charger; use the FOB button to lower the lift so you can access the vehicle; then raise the lift to access the driver’s position. To reposition the wheelchair-lift, use the FOB button or dashboard . . . . and you are ready to go! (As a safety feature, the wheelchair-lift can also be operated manually.) When your adventure is complete, connect the charger to any 110 outlet so you’ll be ready to roll again.

With The Buddy Buggy or Buzz Buggy UTV, you can drive safely and quietly over rough terrain. Buddy Buggy UTVs are the perfect companion for the outdoor enthusiast. Torque is available on demand.

Final thoughts

Although the Buddy Buggy UTV has a wheelchair-lift, it can be driven by non-wheelchair users. FUN IS FOR EVERYONE!


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